Here you’ll find listings of future and past events, as well as after-action reports of all the wonderful places we’ve been and people we’ve run into. To navigate the photogalleries, simply click on the arrows on either side to move to the next or previous picture.

New Forest Shoot and Promo Materials 2016


August 2016

Elfia Time & Space 2016


April 23-24, 2016


CRYZALIS masks and leather accessories enter into a magical world of fantasy and adventure…


Attempting to describe the world of Elfia in a single statment simply cannot do the event, gathering or community justice. As one will see from the photography and video below, when one visit Elfia they temporarily leave this realm and venture into another - a world of costumes, fastasy and creativity. Our friend Elvira Dorina, featured in the photogallery, showed off some of CRYZALIS’ latest creations, including a headpiece, a neck-and-shoulders piece, and matching leather bracelets. We also feature these items in our product gallery.


Enjoy the following Elfia trailer, event “map” and accompanying photography. One can find photographer’s names within the images themselves.

De Kraaien’s First Album Pre-Launch Event

“Goud” (“Gold”)


February 12, 2016


We came. We saw. We wore masks!


We attended De Kraaien’s first event in their pre-launch tour for their album entitled “Goud” (or “Gold”). This event took place in Den Haag at the "Paard van Troje”, and was completely sold out to a jumping and jamming audience who all had a fantastic time, including ourselves. There were many costumes, and because of this, as well as the fact that De Kraaien has a particular taste for exquisite masks, we thought it the perfect opportunity to head on over for a good time. After the concert, we had the opportunity to take some photos and speak with the band members, which you can view in the gallery below. Visit this link: http://www.dekraaien.nl/biografie-2/ to learn more about the band members, or visit their main page above to find out about their next tour dates.

Special note:


We made special masks for this event in the style of De Kraaien’s long-nosed plague mask. We even included the band logo on each mask in a special paint that glowed in the dark. Pretty cool!

“Fashion & Music” Fashion Shoot


January, March 2016


Lovely masks on lovely faces!


Talk about a unique experience. This incredibly brilliant idea of combining two of the finest art forms - fashion and sound - saw Cryzalis with the opportunity of displaying its work alongside a multitude of incredibly talented and creative individuals. Two of those individuals were Annet Duarte Lopes (wearing the gold mask, green mask and red mask in the gallery below) and the stunning Canan Kuzey (wearing the white mask, green and black mask, blue and red mask). Most of all, this was a perfect demonstration that a beautiful mask can compliment, and indeed magnify, one’s inner beauty.


Here’s some promotional info from the event itself: “The founder of Fashion and Music, Jan de Bloois, initiated in 2011 the model agency www.apmodels.eu. Since Jan is always creating new ideas, around 2014 he started with the preparations for Fashion and Music. The vision is to combine new talents in the scene of fashion and music. Designers and artists just finishing their study or busy for a few years. Talent from all over the country and in future we will organise it international. The fashion shows will not be just catwalks but a mix with talents in the music scene. A complete experience in party atmosphere. Welcome to the world of us, Fashion and Music.”

Special note:


We were approached at this event and asked whether or not we did commission work, and of course, the answer to that is an exuberant yes! Feel free to contact us at welcome@cryazalis.com with any questions or needs you may have. Additional photography taken by Thijs Tromp.

CRYZALIS Promo Shoot with Kim Gouma


January / February 2016


Putting masks to a face…


The following is a series of promotional shots we took with the glowing Kim Gouma, showcasing some of our masks and displaying them on a real face - which is where our work shines the most. Check out the gallery below to see a wide variety of snaps from that shoot.

Gothic & Fantasy Beurs


24th & 25th October 2015


What a great time we had!


We were really excited to get our masks on show and to meet fellow costume enthusiasts and artisans who shared our passion for quality craftmanship and exotic fashion. It was quite the pleasant experience at this family-friendly event, and the effort many put into their costumes was simply outstanding. There was also live entertainment, and the children had a great time (as did we!). Check out our gallery below to see some snapshots of our booth and the event. We’ve thrown in some Halloween shots as a bonus.

Special note:


See the black and white striped mask? That was a custom order placed at the event! We’d be glad to create something new and wonderful for you. Get in touch for more details.

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